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The role of vaccines is not to treat diseases, but to prevent the emergence of diseases. Vaccines can reduce the harm of viruses to pets, and can also increase pets’ resistance to viruses. Our hospital provides vaccinations against common pet diseases, such as rabies, cat plague and viral enteritis. To ensure the health of your pets, please vaccinate them as soon as possible.

Pet Elements Animal Hospital provides basic physical examinations, blood tests, etc., including comprehensive physical examinations, such as checking the eyes, nose, ears, mouth and teeth, skin conditions, and of course their internal organs such as the heart, lungs and abdomen. The veterinarian will also discuss with the owner and formulate daily pet care procedures, such as feeding and behavior training.

Sterilization of cats and dogs
Sterilization is a routine operation that will be performed under general anesthesia for the pet. Generally speaking, the pet will recover soon after the operation. The so-called sterilization is an operation to completely remove the reproductive organs of animals. Female animals will have their uterus and ovaries removed, while male animals will have their testicles removed.

Orthopedic surgery
Pet fractures are another common condition because they don’t know how to maintain their bones and joints. Our hospital provides various types of orthopedic surgery, and a professional medical team is responsible, so that your pet is no longer vulnerable to the threat of fractures.

X-ray and ultrasound
In recent years, the number of pets with tumors has increased dramatically. Tumors have been the top 3 cause of death in dogs and cats. Therefore, early diagnosis and understanding of the morphology and source of tumor cells play a very important role in the future treatment of pets. X-ray and ultrasound are relatively cost-effective imaging diagnostic methods.

Cardiac ultrasound
Heart disease is not only a common disease for humans, it is also very common in the pet world. Heart disease is an invisible killer, but pets don’t know how to tell you what symptoms they already have. Only by imaging diagnosis can your pet’s heart be understood clearly.

Many underlying diseases are difficult to diagnose by physical examination alone, but can be detected early through laboratory tests. Our hospital provides blood, urine and stool tests to check the health of your pet in an all-rounded way. If unfortunately there is a problem, the veterinarian can also give early dietary advice and medication.

Our hospital has enough space and facilities for your pets to stay in the hospital for treatment. It also provides isolation wards for some animals unfortunately suffering from infectious diseases. Proper arrangements will be made so that  owners do not have to worry.

The principle of oxygen therapy is to increase plasma with high oxygen concentration, that is, oxygen concentration, so that oxygen can be dispersed into animal cells at a greater distance than usual, thereby alleviating hypoxia. Hypoxia in pets can be caused by various reasons, such as congestive heart failure, lung cancer, cardiovascular disease or lung problems. These diseases can cause the lungs to not bring enough oxygen to other parts of the body, bringing a crisis of hypoxia. Some elderly cats and dogs suffer from deterioration of cardiopulmonary function, breathing oxygen in the air alone for them is not enough, while using breathing oxygen therapy can help reduce the risk of sudden death.

Outpatient service
If you are not good at modern technology, or do not know how to conduct remote consultations, you can also choose the outpatient service of our hospital. The veterinarian will personally come to your home and provide timely consultation for your pet.

Pick-up Service for Pet Consultation
Owners do not need to worry about the distance of the clinic location. The hospital provides pick-up service for pet consultation to facilitate owners who need to work for a long time, without needing to take extra time to go to the hospital for face-to-face consultation. The hospital also has sufficient equipment to safely transport your pets.

In addition to general outpatient services, we also have specialist consultations, so as to meet the needs of every guest. Owners can conduct remote specialist consultations for their pets first, if the pets really need to be admitted to the hospital, they can be admitted to the hospital by this time. The use of technological assistance will shorten the time for worrying and inquiring, so that pets can receive more efficient treatment.


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We will try our best to update the price list on the website regularly. If the price on the price list changes, it may not be notified and updated in time. If there is any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version of this price list, the English version shall prevail. In case of any dispute, Pet Elements Veterinary Service reserves the right of final decision and interpretation.


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